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Sauce Shop Brown Sauce

Brown Sauce but better... Sauce Shop x Castle Rock

We're excited to announce a new collaboration and flavour in our core range.

Castle Rock is a multi award-winning brewery and pub group based here in Nottingham. Known for brewing a great range of real ales and now stepping into the world of craft beer, they've also got their name to some of the best pubs in the region. We've created a brand new flavour using Castle Rock's Sherwood Reserve, an English Stout brewed with Colombian coffee beans and intensely roasted malts. Our sauces are also now available in Castle Rock pubs, head to the bottom of this page to find out more...

Brown Sauce needed a makeover. Fruity and lightly spiced, this is a familiar flavour that's been taken up a notch. We've combined sweetness from dates with tart tamarind and the deep bitterness of Sherwood Reserve. This is no ordinary Brown Sauce...




The story of Brown Sauce in Nottingham goes back a lot further than Sauce Shop and Castle Rock. Created in the 1870s by a Nottinghamshire grocer, the original recipe included tamarind, dates and molasses, registered under the brand name HP in 1895. The sauce was supposedly popular enough to be served at the Houses of Parliament, hence the initials and image on the bottle.

The tragic tale goes that due to some severe cash flow issues (the dangers of running a small business certainly didn't escape the Victorians either), a Birmingham vinegar supplier forced HP into the sale of the recipe and brand for just £150 in 1903. Since then, the Nottinghamshire provenance of Brown Sauce has been all but lost, until now.

Brown Sauce hasn't got the best reputation. Loved by some of course, but seen by many as a flavourless cocktail of once-exotic ingredients thrown together in a boastful display of the British Empire. Think Brown Sauce, think greasy spoon, think bottle at the back of the fridge... We thought long and hard about making one, but we like a challenge, so we've created one that blows that reputation to bits.

Brown Sauce is available now at our online store.




Exciting news for Nottingham residents! Our Brown Sauce and Tomato Ketchup will now be available to buy and use at the following Castle Rock pubs...


Bread and Bitter


The Embankment

The Fox and Crown

Fox & Grapes

Horse and Plough

Kean's Head

Lincolnshire Poacher

Poppy and Pint

Stratford Haven

The Swan in the Rushes

Vat and Fiddle


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