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Author Kat Williamson

Kat Williamson

Food fanatic, self-taught recipe curator, and Sauce Shop's social media guru

Title: Social Media Executive
Time at Sauce Shop: 1 year
Dietary Preference: Vegetarian
Experience: 5+ Years
Favourite Sauce: Chipotle & Lime Ailoi

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Meet Kat, Sauce Shop’s culinary guide and social media expert behind the mouth-watering food that you see from us.

Right from the heart of Nottingham, Kat's journey into the world of food is a jumble of well-thought-out experiences, sprinkled with a bit of luck. From the pub trade to social media marketing, she discovered her true passion in the blurred line between content creation and gastronomy.

As a ‘seasoned’ social media manager, Kat understands the power of storytelling through digital media. The platforms she works on are not just a showcase of her quick and easy recipes; they're a testament to the power of community and the joy that comes from sharing a love for food. Whether it's a quick kitchen hack or a comforting family recipe, Kat's content is used as a source of inspiration for both major foodies, and those who more often than not, burn their toast.

It’s time to pull up a chair and join Kat on this food-filled journey, as she crafts, creates, and shares her favourite recipes, from 5-ingredient formulas, flavourful 1-pot dishes and everything in-between, all of which are sure to push their way onto your ‘I HAVE to try that’ list.

See you at dinner.

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