BBQ Pulled Pork

The one we always recommend... Pulled pork done right.

Large Pork Shoulder – Bone in or out – 1.5-2kg

2 parts Sea Salt
2 parts Brown Sugar
1 part Smoked Paprika
1 part Ground Black Pepper

Preheat oven / smoker / indirect BBQ to 120C

  1. Trim pork joint of the external fat, it won’t cook down and will leave soft fat at the end of the cook when you really want a crisp flavoursome ‘bark’.
  2. Make enough rub to generously cover the shoulder joint.
  3. Apply rub liberally to all surfaces, nooks and crannies to create a layer of seasoning on the surface of the meat.
  4. If using smoker or BBQ place the pork directly onto the grill grate. For oven cooking place directly onto oven grill shelf with a roasting tin underneath to catch the juices. The aim is to get good airflow to all surfaces.
  5. Let the meat cook until the internal temperature reaches 95C, this should take around 5-6 hours. It may be more or less than this time and it depends on the size of the piece of meat. You can increase the temperature to 150C if you need to speed things up!
  6. By this point the meat should be pretty much ready, but you need to check that is it tender enough to pull. If you have a bone in joint see if the bone will rotate easily, or use a fork stabbed into the meat and see how easily it turns. If it still seems tough give it another 30 minutes.
  7. Once it’s definitely ready, wrap it in a double layer of foil and leave to rest 30 minutes before serving, or if you need to wait longer it can be kept warm in the cooker for another hour or two.

When ready to serve, pull the meat apart and drench in your favourite BBQ sauce. We recommend South Carolina BBQ Sauce or Smoky Chipotle Ketchup.

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