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About Tree Planting - Sauce Shop

About Tree Planting

In 2021, we started our tree planting commitment with Ecologi. We have been planting one tree for every single order placed through our online store. 

What is tree planting?

There's a little more that goes into it than just planting a tree somewhere. It matters where they are, what sort of tree is planted and whether they're protected. On a climate level, tree's are amazing carbon absorbers. They'll soak in CO2 in the atmosphere and store it as biomass. Trees can also act as natural habitats, coastal barriers to natural hazards, air purification and loads more. You can read more from Ecologi here.

Ecologi primarily focus on mangroves, which are tropical, coastal trees which can survive in super harsh conditions. They live in salty water and are more than capable of handling rough tides. It's thought mangroves absorb 4X the carbon that other terrestrial trees absorb due to their complex underground root network which doubles up as a massive carbon storage unit.

One thing to remember is that planting a tree now, is a future action. It's not something that immediately will offset carbon emitted. Ecologi separate carbon offsetting with tree planting, as trees planted won't be sucking in carbon for quite a few years.

How have we done it?

As we've mentioned before, we work with Ecologi to offset our footprint but also to help us with our tree planting commitment. For every single order, whether it's a large trade order or a small single unit order, we plant one tree. So far we've funded over 50,000 trees. Most of our trees are mangroves planted in Madagascar, but take a look at the map below to see where Sauce Shop trees are sprouting up!

Sauce Shop Tree Planting Locations
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