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Our top tips for a winter BBQ. - Sauce Shop

Our top tips for a winter BBQ.

Here in the UK, Barbeque season officially kicks off around May, just as the weather is starting to pick up. We’re firm believers barbequing is a cooking style which should be appreciated all year round in all weather conditions; rain, snow, hail or sun. 
Long story short, we’ve compiled some of our top tips for a successful winter BBQ – have a read below!
Get wrapped up.
It’s going to be flippin' cold out there! Grab your hat, coat, gloves, duvet if need be! You might be tempted to pass over this step but we all know you’d regret it later, so put your pride aside and get wrapped up.
Be patient.
Your BBQ is probably going to need a little more time to warm up compared to using it in the summer. Your food also might take a little longer to cook through so be sure to double check everything is cooked before you serve and plan ahead, giving yourself plenty of time.
STOP opening the lid.
In Summer, sure, open that grill and flock around the BBQ to watch the meat sizzle. In Winter, I wouldn’t bother. Keep the lid down and the heat locked in – you wouldn’t leave your house windows open in winter, so follow that rule here.
Go back to basics.
Try not to overcomplicate things. You are going to be cold and you’re probably going to end up screaming at your BBQ at one point or another, so keep it simple. Cook foods which have a shorter cooking time and do your prep indoors before taking it out to the barbeque. 
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