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We Are All Rubbish At BBQing - Sauce Shop

We Are All Rubbish At BBQing

The humble British BBQer got a bit of a hammering this week, courtesy of MasterChef presenters Gregg Wallace and John Torode. We (mostly!) agree with them.

Chances are, if you're lucky enough to have a garden or balcony you probably have a BBQ of some sort. Do you actually know how to cook on it though? There's more to it than sticking a few sausages on there and letting them sit for 30 minutes until they're on the brink of being inedible. After some chats around Sauce Shop HQ, 80% of the team actually don't fully know what they're doing around the barbecue. 

Honestly, aside from some amateur/pro BBQ chefs throughout the UK, we're all probably pretty rubbish at the whole thing. John Torode explained our thoughts well in this article when he said "suddenly the sun comes out and men try to undertake possibly the most difficult culinary process ever". This really resonated with us and gave us flashbacks to those horrible BBQs we've all been to before (sorry friends and family, we appreciate the effort!). At the end of the day, BBQing is essentially cooking over an open flame. You don't have dials and exact temperature control. It's a really, really hard cooking technique.

Over the next few months, we'll be going back to basics on the BBQ. From lighting technique and temperature control to proper smoking, we're creating a BBQ series over on Instagram to help the nation get the most of their BBQs this summer. James, our Co-Founder is a keen home BBQer and has been doing it for years so he's going to be heading up the BBQ series with some of his top tips, tricks and recipes. 

Head over to the IGTV section of our Instagram to check out the BBQ videos.
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