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About Our Glass - Sauce Shop

About Our Glass

We use a lot of glass. The first ever Sauce Shop sauce was bottled in glass, and a large chunk of the tens of thousands of sauce bottles we produce weekly now, are still bottled in glass. 

The main reason we primarily use glass is because you can see exactly what's inside. There's no hiding. Clear glass and transparent labels really mean everything is on show.

So where does it come from? We've always made really conscious decisions about where we source our glass from. We have definitely looked around. We have considered cheaper options, but where possible it's important to us that we source locally. Our glass bottles and jars are sourced from glassworks in South Yorkshire, around 40 miles away from our HQ in Nottingham.

Along with being locally sourced, the glass which makes up our bottles and jars is recovered through recycling initiatives including kerbside collections, bottle banks and the hospitality trade before being processed and turned into new bottles. Our suppliers clear glass jars and bottles all contain over 30% post-consumer glass.

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