Habanero Ketchup (250ml)

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The hottest sauce we've made so far, this is not for the faint-hearted. 22 Habanero peppers are packed into each bottle making this possibly the hottest ketchup in the world. Proceed with caution!!

Ingredients: Habanero Pepper (60%), Onion, White Wine Vinegar, Brown Sugar, Sea Salt, Garlic, Spices.

Nutritional Information per 100g: Energy 99kcal / 414kJ, Fat 4.2g (of which saturates 0.5g), Carbohydrate 12.3g (of which sugars 10.0g), Protein 2.6g, Salt 2.12g.


At Sauce Shop we obsess over flavour. There should be no compromise, so we only use real ingredients to make sauces that taste extraordinary. Flavour takes a back seat in too many sauces, but each ingredient we use is selected to enhance what you taste.

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Customer Reviews

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Holy moly!!

This stuff is seriously hot! I've not had a 'hot' sauce this hot, but one that packs so much pure flavour as well. You can really taste the fruity side of the habanero as well as the heat. Amazing in Chilli and on burgers. I mix with a little cider vinegar to spritz short ribs on the smoker. Amazing!

Superb Sauce

Really packs a punch and is a must have for any chilli head. Can’t wait to put another order in.

Best ketchup

It's definitely packed a punch and it tasted amazing on homemade burgers.

Habanero sauce

Love the flavour of this sauce tried on sausages out standing highly recommend

Complex Chilli Flavour

As a chilli reviewer, this isn't the most spicy ketchup that I've ever had. It's something better.
This is the most chilli flavoured one. A sauce that starts off like any other ketchup - Rich, red, fruity, sweet and vinegary, with just a hint of onion - but quickly takes on more peppery notes.
Despite being quite easy to mistake for a tomato sauce at first, within moments it becomes blindingly obvious that there's no fruit but the chilli and, given a little longer, it even builds to a pleasing smoky element that I hadn't expected at all.
I can certainly see why this might not be a sauce for everyone but, for a chilli lover like me, the purity and complexity of its flavour are fantastic and its heat is more than enough to satisfy.
I'd take this over a reaper and tomato blend any day and have only docked it that last star because it has a bit of a bitter aftertaste when used as a tortilla chip dip or similar. On food with a stronger flavour, like burgers or barbecue, that end note is completely unnoticeable and the rest works absolute wonders. I would strongly recommend it to any fans of the habanero or hotter.

Hot, but not silly hot

I’ve tried lots of spicy sauces. Some supermarket ones (usually not spicy enough and nothing special) some VERY hot online ones - the ones where 2/3 drops can make a whole pan of chilli way too hot for family consumption.
This one is hot enough to use neat on a burger or a fajita, but you’ll probably get the sweats and a numb mouth for a bit.
The consistency is similar to supermarket ketchup, with a slight texture of chillis in it.
I had been looking for a sauce that tasted good and was hot enough to be used “as is” instead of other sauces at a bbq. This is it. I will always have a bottle in the house now!

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