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Take your food to a new level of flavour. Our products will help you create your next masterpiece. We take high quality ingredients and cook them with care, we've been making sauces this way since 2014.

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In the unlikely event of breakages or damage to your delivery, we will replace any items that are not usable.

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We plant one tree with every order placed in partnership with Ecologi. We've planted over 65,000 since 2021.

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We've already received over 11,000 5-star reviews from real customers so you can trust that our products taste amazing.

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Get more flavour into your food

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Inspo on our top ways to use sauce as an ingredient

10 Ways To Use BBQ Sauce

How to use the BBQ sauces in your fridge...

Beginner's Guide To Simmer Sauces

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How to use the hot sauces in your fridge

Frequently asked questions

Are you not just some dodgy internet company?

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No - definitely not! Sauce Shop is an independently owned company with a base of operations in Nottingham. Our founders Pam and James Digva started the business from their home kitchen in 2014 after being bored of the blandness they found in the sauces available to them at the time.

We have a team of over 35 people working to produce and ship 50,000 bottles per week and we keep growing and growing every year! Our products can be found in Sainbury's, Morrisons and Asda.

What would I do with these products?

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The ketchup, BBQ sauces and chilli sauces can all be added to cooked food or used as a dip.

You can marinate foods in them too or 'glaze' on with a brush while cooking. They can also be used as an ingredient, adding a boost to a soup or stew.

The Cook-In sauces make delicious home cooked meals in no time at all, they taste completely homemade and you avoid all the fuss of chopping and simmering.

Why do these sauces cost more than regular sauces?

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We've always devoted ourselves to making the most flavoursome sauces using only natural ingredients. The bulk of our sauces is always fruit and vegetables, while many competitors products mainly contain water, sugar and some thickener to give it body, it's why they're sometimes a bit gel like.

Our ingredients are a bit more expensive and that is reflected in the amazing flavour. These are real food.

We're also still quite small, our operation is a bit labour intensive as we don't have huge machinery. BUT as we get bigger our prices will come down. We just need your support to get there!

Based on 12219 reviews
Original Hot Sauce
Paul Cooper (Derby, GB)
Better than I hoped it would be

I have tried many hot sauces but the original hot sauce here was so much more natural than many others. It was very red but I used plenty on the dish as I like my sauce. Will get more at Christmas

Pumpkin Pie Hot Sauce
Dave Penfold (Southampton, GB)
Birthday gift

My son was very pleased with his selection of sauces and rubs for his birthday. I look forward to sampling them when he invites us over for dinner next time! 😆

Green Jalapeño Hot Sauce
Charles Beasley (Crawley, GB)
I especially love this Green Jalapeño Hot Sauce with tinned fish

I tried this mixed in with tinned pilchards and rice to make a sort of paella and just loved the flavour. I also add this sauce to tinned Wild Sockeye Salmon mashed in with grated raw carrot and mayonaise which is eaten spread on petit pains every working day. Until I discovered this sauce I was using the Original Hot Sauce instead, but prefer to use Green Jalapeño Hot Sauce with fish dishes.

Hot Sauce Challenge Set
Marion Yarham (Godalming, GB)

Sauces were a birthday gift for my son he is really enjoying them, for him the hotter the better. Would certainly buy again .

Habanero Ketchup
Chris Taylor (Birmingham, GB)
The best sauces

They make the best sauces. That’s it. That’s the review.

Bangin' review!

Buffalo Hot Sauce
J. (London, GB)
Great sauces

The Sauce Shop Buffalo hot sauce is delicious - highly recommended. My order was delivered promptly and with sustainable packaging too!

Sauce Shop X Only Scrans - Curry Ketchup
Harry Foster (Northallerton, GB)
Really good sauce

Really like the idea of mixing ketchup and curry together as they are two of my favourite sauces and they both work really well together! Really tasty!

Glad you're enjoying Harry!

Essential Chilli Collection
Jodie Croft (Evesham, GB)
Great bundle!

So happy with this to start a hot sauce collection. Had them all with chicken wings and was so happy with the individual level of spice to the different sauces. Also love the aioli dipping sauce as a light dip. Give them a very good shake before pouring.

Thanks Jodie! Yup get all those beautiful ingredients all combined and ready for food!

Ghost Pepper Ketchup
Jodie Croft (Evesham, GB)
The worse tasting sauce I’ve ever had.

If you like hot sauce to burn your mouth off but then violate your taste buds this is for you. We wanted a sauce that would be too hot to handle for our own challenge at home but I’d never have this again it just tasted like a**. Wouldn’t give to anyone else even as a joke.

Thanks for reviewing, we're sorry you didn't enjoy this one! You're totally right, this is an extremely hot sauce as described on the website and the label. It's the hottest we've ever made and contains a high percentage of Ghost Peppers (some of the hottest chillies in the world).

We get so many great reviews of this product from customers who like it hot hot hot, but in this case, it may just be that the sauce isn't for you which is totally fine - we all have different preferences!

Thanks again for your order and feedback, we do appreciate it.

Habanero Hot Sauce
Jasmine Bloomfield (Southampton, GB)
Delicious sauces

Quick delivery and delicious hot sauces!

Sauce Shop X Only Scrans - Curry Ketchup
Dave Cooper (Worthing, GB)
Don't buy a single bottle

Jump straight to three, it is great on everything, if I can get a look in before my 7yo.

The best

I've tried them all and these are the best. Not just biting heat but warmth of spice. With heat.

Sauce Shop X Only Scrans - Curry Ketchup
Martin Andrew Hicks (Peterborough, GB)

After a condiment chat with some friends, I said this was by far the sauce I cannot live without. Make it all year round, please and thanks.

That is quite the statement Martin! Haha thanks. Appreciate it

Sauce Shop X Only Scrans - Curry Ketchup
David Patten (Southend-on-Sea, GB)
Curry Ketchup

Though I’d give the Curry Ketchup a try, was so glad I did, has to be my new go to sauce, nice and thick with a tomato and curry flavour, glad I went for 3 bottles!

Sauce Shop X Only Scrans - Curry Ketchup
Gary van Jackson (Manchester, GB)
Consistently Good!

No matter what sauce I order I know for sure the quality will be absolutely off the scale.
Everything tastes like it just been made 30 seconds ago.
The latest curry ketchup is amazing and blew me away. The balance of flavour and heat is perfect!

Seriously just go and buy some. You will not be disappointed!!

Cheers Gary!

A great addition to the ‘Sauce Shop’ stable

I am a fan of curries generally, so was pleased when the Sauce Shop wizards decided to unleash their take on the chippy tea favourite (Peter Kay’s anguished “They don’t do curry sauce… curry sauce is a no-no” always makes me smile). Well, it’s a good thick sauce, with a medium heat flavour. It goes well with Rustlers chicken burgers as a topping & I imagine it’d also go well with takeaway chips.

We have some spooky witchcraft going on at our manufacturing unit. Witches and wizards unite! Keep on enjoying, and thanks for purchasing

Sauce Shop X Only Scrans - Curry Ketchup
Emma Brown (Leicester, GB)
Fantastic Sauce

Very excited to have my hands on x3 bottles of curry ketchup. Very versatile sauce - I’ve used on chips, costco nuggets, lamb koftas, hot dogs etc. different to your standard tomato ketchup. Nice curry gentle heat that slowly builds. Delicious, tasty and addictive. Must try! Give your mid-week beige dinner some oomph

Very versatile! Great to hear you all enjoying

Mother Tomato Simmer-Sauce
Chris P (Swadlincote, GB)
Best tomato sauce on the market

Just clean ingredients and great taste - what more can you ask for.

Not much else ;) All the goodness

Chipotle and Lime Aioli
Kelly Hui (Chatham, GB)
Awesome sauce!

Just replenished our stock, think we bought about 12 bottles and our sauce games is strong! Love these sauces so much. The habanero with the mango, yes!!!

Thanks Kelly!

Sauce Shop X GET BAKED - Chocolate Fudge BBQ Sauce
Emma Billingham (Stourbridge, GB)
Lovely sauces as ever!

Lovely sauces as ever! Love the curry ketchup. Our family favourite was the limited edition Ha'pea sauce 😢
Please please bring back Mushroom Ketchup, it's my favourite sauce ever!

Very versatile

Awesomely versatile. This jam has a great sweetness with a nice n spicy kick. It's a bit like a thicker version of a sweet chilli sauce with the sweet fruitiness of a jam. I've had this on burgers, sausages, chicken, fries, hash browns, cheese on toast. Infact I don't think there's anything it doesn't go with! It's also nice mixed with a bit of mayo to add a hint of creaminess

Sounds beautiful! Thank you!

Smoky Chipotle Ketchup
Laura Bennie (Carluke, GB)

Stuffed a chicken breast with cheese, poured sauce over it and left it overnight. Best chicken dinner ever!

Oooft. Now I want that dinner!

Can't really comment yet as it currently on route to Australia, where my friend is impatiently waiting! 😆

Oo fab! Quite the treat for the Australian friend. Thank you!

Sauce Shop X Only Scrans - Curry Ketchup
martin greig (Croydon, GB)
Probably my favourite so far

This is probably the most versatile and most used sauce we’ve brought. It has the right amount of spice and texture so it’s as good on chips as it is in a sandwich with bacon and eggs

Tomato Ketchup
Rob P (Antrim, GB)
The best.

Without doubt this is the best tomato sauce we’ve tasted. It is delicious on everything so you can’t loose. Give it a try it’s yummy 😋.

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