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Essential Flavour Box

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No one should be without flavour! We've put together a collection of our everyday favourites that'll get you out of so many cooking dry spells.

If you're looking for some inspiration in the kitchen, this box is for you. Featuring a selection of our new Cook-In Sauces, some of our favourite sauces and a flavour-filled BBQ rub, this mix of sauces and seasonings will help make some delicious meals for the whole family. Please note, this set doesn't come in a gift box.

  • The set contains a selection of our Cook-In Sauces, Tomato Ketchup, Original Mayo, Original BBQ Rub, Original BBQ Sauce, Brown Sauce and Sriracha Chilli Sauce
  • 7 Great Taste Award-winning sauces
  • Whole set suitable for vegetarians
  • Nothing artificial, just full-on flavour
  • Made in the UK
    Collection contents 

    2 x Mother Tomato Cook-In Sauce: The classic... the staple... the mother of all cooking sauces. Bursting with juicy tomato, just the right amount of garlic and a familiar hint of herbiness. Heat and serve straight up with pasta, use as a base for meat dishes or cheat at pizza sauce!

    1 x Ranchero Cook-In Sauce 430gRich tomato sauce with garlic and warming cayenne. We've used our signature chilli mash for an extra kick. Perfect for spicing up your baked eggs for brunch, used as the base for chilli con carne (or veggie) or poured over enchiladas before baking.

    1 x Special Makhani Cook-In Sauce 435gOur rich and creamy North Indian style curry sauce, which lends itself to many dishes. Create traditional Butter Chicken, coat paneer before baking or frying or use as a base sauce for chickpea curry.

    1 x Tomato Ketchup 510g Squeezy: Tomato Ketchup as it should be. Spoiler alert.. It tastes like tomatoes! With a depth of flavour like no other, our Tomato Ketchup is the converter of many big brand condiment fans. It is the best version of that old favourite you know so well.

    1 x Original Mayo 425g Squeezy: Your new favourite mayo. We know what a staple mayonnaise is in a lot of households and we’ve spent years getting this recipe just right. Smooth, creamy and rich with a tang of acidity. Get it on a sandwich!

    1 x Original BBQ Rub 150g: Our all-purpose rub, great for any occasion. Use when cooking ribs, wings, chicken or beef. Combine with salt to make a seasoning for fries. Pairs perfectly with our Original BBQ Sauce.

    1 x Original BBQ Sauce 255g: All the smokiness without the fake smoke! This is real BBQ sauce. Sweet and smoky with a hit of black pepper heat. Kansas City style - tangy tomato with richness from molasses. Your go to all-purpose BBQ sauce.

    1 x Brown Sauce 255gWe gave Brown Sauce a makeover… get ready to like it. This is your new brunch staple. Fruity and lightly spiced with a big hit of malty beer. We use dates for sweetness and tamarind for that familiar tang. Sausages and bacon should never be without it.

    1 x Sriracha Chilli Sauce 255g: The chilli sauce we can't live without - goes on everything. Sriracha meets kebab shop chilli sauce. We've combined our signature aged chillies with a load of garlic and added tomatoes for a super savoury note that keeps you coming back for more!

    Ingredients and Nutrition 

    Mother Tomato

    Ingredients: Tomato Puree (41%), Tomatoes (40%), Onion, White Grape Vinegar, Garlic, Salt, Oregano, Basil, Cracked Black Pepper.

    Nutrition per 100g: Energy 67kcal / 279kJ, Fat 0.2g (of which saturates 0.0g), Carbohydrate 13.8g (of which sugars 10.2g), Protein 2.6g, Salt 1.15g.


    Ingredients: Tomato Puree (40%), Tomatoes (30%), Onion, Garlic (2%), Aged Jalapeno (2%), White Grape Vinegar, Salt, Smoked Paprika, Cumin, Cracked Black Pepper, Cayenne Pepper, Oregano.

    Nutrition per 100g: Energy 57kcal / 239kJ, Fat 0.3g (of which saturates 0.1g), Carbohydrate 10.1g (of which sugars 8g), Protein 2.6g, Salt 1.28g.

    Special Makhani

    Ingredients: Tomato Puree (72%), Butter (Cow’s Milk) (10%), Cream (Cow’s Milk) (5%), White Grape Vinegar, Garlic, Ginger, Salt, Fenugreek Leaves, Garam Masala (Coriander Seed, Cumin Seed, Fennel Seed, Ginger, Dill Seed, Clove), Paprika, Kashmiri Chilli Powder, Smoked Paprika, Cardamom, Cinnamon, Bay Leaves. See allergens in bold

    Nutrition per 100g: Energy 131kcal / 542kJ, Fat 9.8g (of which saturates 6.1g), Carbohydrate 8.1g (of which sugars 5.9g), Fibre 2.1g, Protein 2.2g, Salt 1.38g.

    Tomato Ketchup

    Ingredients: Tomato (53%), Sugar, Onion, White Grape Vinegar, Salt, Garlic, Spices.

    Nutrition per 100g: Energy 121kcal / 512kJ, Fat 0.6g (of which saturates 0.2g), Carbohydrate 26.4g (of which sugars 21.4g), Protein 2.2g, Salt 1.67g.

    Original Mayo

    Ingredients: Rapeseed Oil, White Grape Vinegar, Pasteurised Free Range EGG Yolk, Salt, MUSTARD, Antioxidant: Rosemary Extract (See allergens in BOLD).

    Nutrition per 100g: Energy 729kcal / 3002 kJ, Fat 80.6g (of which saturates 5.7g), Carbohydrate 0.1g (of which sugars 0.1g), Protein 0.9g, Salt 1.01g

    Original BBQ Rub

    Brown Sugar, Paprika, Dried Garlic, Black Pepper, Dried Onion, Ginger, Fennel Seed, Mustard, Oregano, Cumin (see allergens in bold).

    Nutrition per 100g: Energy 329kcal / 1377kJ, Fat 4.5g (of which saturates 0.7g), Carbohydrate 74.9g (of which sugars 50.2g), Protein Fibre 14.6g, Protein 6.4g, Salt 0.02g.

    Original BBQ Sauce

    Ingredients: Tomato Purée (37%), Sugar, Onion, White Grape Vinegar, American Style Mustard (8%) (water, spirit vinegar, mustard flour, mustard bran, sea salt, spices, garlic), Blackstrap Molasses (4%), Garlic, Salt, Spices. See allergens in bold.

    Nutrition per 100gEnergy 166kcal / 703kJ, Fat 0.8g (of which saturates 0.1g), Carbohydrate 37.2g (of which sugars 34.8g), Protein 2.3g, Salt 2.12g

    Brown Sauce

    Ingredients: Tomato Paste, Stout (19%) (water, barley malt, oat malt, hops, yeast), Bramley Apple, Onion, Dates, Sugar, White Grape Vinegar, Tamarind, Salt, Spices (contains mustard) (see allergens in bold).

    Nutrition per 100g: Energy 143kcal / 600kJ, Fat 1.3g (of which saturates 0.1g), Carbohydrate 27.5g (of which sugars 17.5g), Protein 2.0g, Salt 1.02g.

    Sriracha Chilli Sauce

    Ingredients: Red Jalapeno (36%), Tomato Paste, Sugar, Garlic, White Grape Vinegar, Salt.

    Nutrition per 100g: Energy 108kcal / 452kJ, Fat 0.3g (of which saturates 0.1g), Carbohydrate 22.7g (of which sugars 20.2g), Protein 3.2g, Salt 2.20g.

    Storage information

    Sauces: Store in a cool dry place, once opened keep refrigerated and use within 12 weeks. Shake well before use.

    Cook-In: Best before 3-5 months from delivery. Once opened, keep refrigerated and use within 3 days.

    Mayos: Store in a cool dry place, once opened keep refrigerated and use within 8 weeks.


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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 38 reviews
    Phil Hughes (Hengoed, GB)
    Great product

    I’ve been trying a variety of sauces since the beginning of lockdown. These have come out on top in every trial, the whole family enjoyed them. Great product, would certainly buy them again.

    Fantastic stuff Phil :) Super pleased to hear that you enjoyed them!

    Grace Garside (Barnsley, GB)
    In love with the packaging!

    Ordered a load of stuff for my partner and the box says I love Scarborough! And a drawing of fish and chips and a crab!
    Only tried the Tommy k, yummy! Will definitely be ordering again. It’s the small stuff

    Our warehouse team take drawing requests on our packaging very seriously! They whip out their colouring pens and go full Picasso. Request away! Enjoy the saucesss

    Sarah Silver (Abingdon, GB)
    Birthday prezzie

    I bought these sauces for my daughters boyfriend and he was over the moon with them as he loves too cook , they both said they tasted amazing 🤩

    Excellent stuff. Cooking gets even more fun when using our sauces. It's a no brainer!

    Terri (Dudley, GB)
    Nice sauces, terrible delivery

    My partner absolutely loves the sauce shop and so I ordered this for a Christmas present for him.
    The box was delivered to the wrong street without me knowing where and so was brought round to my house in a black bag as the parcel was left on someone’s doorstep in the rain. As a consequence the Lanark’s also came away from the jars and so this won’t be given as a present. Such a shame for Christmas and we threw some jars away. Others were fine and very tasty. Would recommend the brand but not the courier!

    Hey Teri,

    We're so sorry that this is the case! I am more than happy to send out any replacement jars/a refund for any products Teri! I can see this is your first order so we are so sorry that the courier firm delivered this box in this condition

    Please do get back to us so we can turn your experience around!

    Kind regards,


    Lee Osborne (Helensburgh, GB)
    It's here and it's perfect!

    This bundle of essential sauces is perfect for anyone trying Sauce Shop products for the first time. Although we haven't managed to use all the products yet (bought 3 days ago), all ones we have used are lively and full of flavour.

    Thanks Lee! Great review. Thanks for giving us a try and glad to hear that you enjoy what you have tried so far!

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