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Dr Trouble African Lemon Chilli Sauce 125ml

Dr Trouble

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Heat level 4/10

This sauce is super zesty with a lovely deep smoky note. Imagine the flavour of preserved lemon, combined with lightly charred chilli, set off by well balanced, warming spices.

An absolute summer essential and the perfect accompaniment to white fish and chicken. 

Suitable for Vegans.


Lemon Juice (60%), African Birds Eye Chilli, Cayenne Chilli, Asafoetida Extract, Ginger, Garlic, Dried Fenugreek, Salt.

About Dr Trouble

Dr Trouble Chilli Sauce is a limited quantity, small-batch, artisanal sauce, produced on their own northern Zimbabwean farm. Dr Trouble sauces are unique in that they use fresh lemon juice instead of vinegar. The lemons are picked from trees in the tribal lands in the Zambezi Valley of Zimbabwe, providing a vital source of income to rural people living in one of the most isolated parts of the world. Their cayenne and birds eye chillies are hand-graded to ensure only the finest quality. They roast their chillies vigorously in a flame-filled chilli roast oven, slightly charring the pods to concentrate and bring out the subtle flavours. Dr Trouble Sauce is batch fermented in custom-blown glass flagons for up to 100 days, under the abundant African sun using salt sourced from the Botswana salt pans, unique for its exceptional flavour.

In 2014 we came to the realisation that the sauces we were buying weren't doing our food justice. What started in a home kitchen, is now a team of 34 food lovers producing thousands of bottles of sauce on a weekly basis.

Pam & James

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Rowland Minall (Leeds, GB)

Really like this tests fresh and lemony.
Needs a good shake but like eating sunshine

Love it, thanks Rowland!

B (Drayton Parslow, GB)
Love this!

Sooo tasty with fish or steak

Chris Secker (Liskeard, GB)

Got the tangy lemon almost instantly, but I found I could taste and smell the same Smokey taste I got from the double oak smoked bottle from the same brand, unusual, one to try for people that are experimental with sauces

Hey Chris, the smoky taste probably came from the chillies the Dr Trouble guys are using and their technique - they roast their chillies in a flame-filled chilli roast oven, slightly charring the pods to concentrate and bring out the subtle flavours - we'd expect this one to be a little less obviously smoky than the other one on our site but still a little smoky!

Geoff Gibson (Manchester, GB)

The moment you open the bottle you are hot with a lovely Smokey scent. The flavour has a tang of citrus but still has the heavy scent of summer BBQs and a desire to be added to plain chicken. Heat is minimal, but flavour is maximum. Can definitely recommend and an accompaniment to a bit of meat that is lacking flavour.

D.G. (Whitley Bay, GB)
Great for adding flavour

I love this sauce - it adds flavour to a lot of improbable foods, cottage cheese, ham butties, fish fingers, to name but three. I've even converted my brother as I sent one to Liverpool for him. I'll definitely buy this again.

Brilliant to hear, thank you!

Chloe s Murphy (Bridgend, GB)
Little bit bla

Expected a more lemony taste, bitter but not horrible, but expected heat with a zing

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