Dr Trouble African Double Oak Smoked Chilli Sauce 125ml

Dr Trouble African Double Oak Smoked Chilli Sauce 125ml

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A tangy and incredibly smoky Birds Eye Chilli sauce made using traditional smoking methods. When we first tasted this, we assumed it contained smoke flavouring, but Dr Trouble smoke all their chillis in custom-built box smokers. It still blows our minds every time we taste it!

Makes an amazing glaze for chicken and is delicious poured on poached eggs for brunch!!

Suitable for Vegans & Gluten Free.


Lemon Juice (60%), African Birds Eye Chilli, Cayenne Chilli, Asafoetida extract, Ginger, Garlic, Dried Fenugreek, Salt.

About Dr Trouble
Dr Trouble Chilli Sauce is a limited quantity, small-batch, artisanal sauce, produced on their own northern Zimbabwean farm. Dr Trouble sauces are unique in that they use fresh lemon juice instead of vinegar. The lemons are picked from trees in the tribal lands in the Zambezi Valley of Zimbabwe, providing a vital source of income to rural people living in one of the most isolated parts of the world. Their cayenne and birds eye chillies are hand-graded to ensure only the finest quality. They roast their chillies vigorously in a flame-filled chilli roast oven, slightly charring the pods to concentrate and bring out the subtle flavours.


Dr Trouble Sauce is batch fermented in custom-blown glass flagons for up to 100 days, under the abundant African sun using salt sourced from the Botswana salt pans, unique for its exceptional flavour.

Customer Reviews

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Tamara Barschak (London, GB)
Fabulous zingy citrusy chilli sauce

Absolutely addicted to this wonderful zingy, citrusy chilli sauce! It’s full of flavour and a small dose of it with almost anything results in a mesmeric carnival of taste in your mouth.if you’re a fan of Chilli sauce and like citrus flavours I highly recommend you try it!!

Us too! Thanks for the review Tamara

Geoff Gibson (Manchester, GB)
A little too smokey

Not going to lie, this bottle will be finished very quickly, but the taste is very over powering if you want to also enjoy the flavour of the food it is added to. Very Smokey flavour, so use sparingly. Would suit a very meaty dish I think, perhaps even as a dip.

Hey Geoff, you're right it is a really smoky sauce - we were amazed but we loved it. I guess it's what you're into and like you mentioned, what food you have it with.

Anonymous (Spalding, GB)
Chill sauce

Unusually acquired taste, super smoky , in the end I like it but have to be in the mood for it, perhaps best to use as marinade

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