Chilli Challenge Gift Set
Chilli Challenge Gift Set
Chilli Challenge Gift Set
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Chilli Challenge Gift Set

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We’ve chosen 5 of our favourite spicy condiments, ranging from completely manageable to downright unreasonable hot. How far can you get?

This gift set contains 5 mini bottles:

Everyday Chilli Sauce 150g GF / V

Chilli ketchup with a medium heat – easy!

Sriracha 150g GF / V

Take it up a notch with this classic Southeast Asian classic.

Buffalo Hot Sauce 150ml GF

The ultimate wing sauce. Getting hotter!

Habanero Hot Sauce 150ml GF / V

This is a feisty one – fruity and HOT.

Habanero Ketchup 150g GF / V

22 Habanero peppers in each bottle, don’t say we didn’t warn you!

GF - Gluten Free

V - Suitable for Vegans






This pack includes our recipe for the ultimate wings and contains:

Customer Reviews

Based on 87 reviews
Perfect gift for a spice-loving teenage gourmet.

We bought this as a gift for our spice-loving 16-year-old son for his birthday. One of his regular boasts in life is that he orders the most spicy option in Nando's while his 2 Indian friends choose the medium...

He initially thought that he'd only be interested in the most spicy of the sauces, but we persuaded him to start with the mildest. After an initial test the verdict was 'I'm scared now...'. A glass of milk came out at the 4th sauce. The 5th sauce took some courage, was very thinly spread, chewed thoughtfully with the comment 'I'm expecting something bad to happen in a minute', followed by a deep 'Oh!'.

He made it through. The milk was helpful. Lots of watery eyes. The effects were not short-lived. The other children then piled in and started to challenge themselves with varying sauces, although none of them made it past no.4.

Thanks so much, Sauce Shop, made for a great birthday lunch! We were particularly impressed with the professional and personal nature of the service and the all-natural ingredients.

Great experience and wonderful products

I ordered this gift set for my friends birthday and he absolutely loves them. I work at a restaurant in Middlesbrough and we exclusively buy our sauces from here. I have tried all of them and they are all amazing. I would definitely recommend.

Love it, thanks for being a fan Daniel!

Excellent sauces, fab presents

Ordered a few different sauce sets. Some were given as Christmas presents and bought one for myself. All the sauces are excellent, great taste and quality. Packaging is really good and the delivery was great too. Thank you, would order again and recommend! I bought the Chilli Challenge set and the BBQ set.

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