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You shouldn't have to settle for poor quality sauce. At Sauce Shop we make craft sauces that are packed full of real flavour and no junk. We know how disappointing it is to cover your food in industrially-produced gloop, so we're doing things differently.



Our craft sauces are made without the use of thickeners or stabilisers, preservatives or flavourings. We shun corner-cutting ingredients such as powdered vegetables or concentrates and we don't add water to bulk out our sauces. The result is flavour and freshness you won't taste in typical big brand sauces. We're competing on price too...

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The following flavours are available, check out reviews and more info below...


Smoky Chipotle Ketchup

2017 Great Taste Award Winner.

Heat level 4/10

This was our first recipe and the sauce that kicked off Sauce Shop. It's a seriously flavoursome ketchup made with chipotle peppers and tomatoes. The tomatoes give it a rich and savoury flavour, while Bramley apples add a slightly sweet fruitiness and the chipotle peppers bring a deep smokiness and a nice level of heat. A chipotle pepper is a Jalapeno that has been smoked until it's dry and crispy and full of lovely smoky flavour. This sauce is the perfect accompaniment to a BBQ, try glazing on ribs or chicken at the end of cooking.  It’s also great on the side of pizza and fries.  Basically use anywhere you might use ketchup or BBQ sauce!

Comments from the Great Taste judges:

‘This is certainly hot and smoky - the chipotle comes through strongly on the nose and the palate. It is definitely a barbecue sauce with punch. We think it lives up to its description. It is hot, it is smoky, but the depth comes through slowly and lingers and the sweetness enhances it. It has a long finish that remains warm and slightly sweet.’

Ingredients: Tomato (40%), Onion, Bramley Apple, Chipotle Chilli (3%), White Grape Vinegar, Brown Sugar, Sea Salt, Spices. 



Voted #1 chilli sauce in the UK by Telegraph this year.

2016 Great Taste Award Winner. 

Heat level 5/10

Made using aged chillies for an intensely punchy flavour. 5 simple ingredients is all it takes to make this award-winning sauce. If you love chilli and garlic, this is for you. Eat on everything! Perfect on stir fries, with burgers and fries or mixed into yoghurt or houmus for a spicy dip. Sriracha sauces are named after Si Racha, a seaside town in Thailand.

Comments from the Great Taste judges:

An attractive looking sauce. A lovely chilli aroma with an intense flavour which delivers a good punch. The flavours were well developed and balanced with a natural sweetness.

Ingredients: Aged Red Jalapeno (67%), Garlic, Brown Sugar, Rice Vinegar, Sea Salt.


South Carolina BBQ Sauce

2017 Great Taste Award Winner. 

Known as "Carolina Gold" in the USA, this is a tangy mustard BBQ sauce. Nothing like sweet and smoky tomato based barbecue sauces we're used to in the UK. This is perfect mixed with pulled pork and then served with fries or mash. Can be used as a marinade or glaze for all kinds of meats including chicken, ribs and brisket.  Works well as a steak sauce and even makes a great salad dressing.

Comments from the Great Taste judges:

‘A lovely enticing smell to this sauce. It has a great consistency for marinating. We love the mustard and acidic elements married with the BBQ smokiness. We could see this working brilliantly with chicken. The balance of sweetness and acidity is just right.

Ingredients: White Grape Vinegar, American Style Mustard (30%)(water, spirit vinegar, mustard flour, mustard bran, sea salt, turmeric, paprika, garlic powder), Brown Sugar, Unsalted Butter (milk), Tamari (water, soybeans, salt), Garlic (4%), Sea Salt, Spices.

See allergens in bold.


Green Sriracha

Voted #2 chilli sauce in UK by Metro last year. 

2017 Great Taste Award Winner.

Heat level 6/10

This is our mean green interpretation of the traditionally red condiment.  Sriracha sauces are named after Si Racha, a seaside town in Thailand. Green Sriracha is made with our in house aged green Jalapenos and has a great hot and garlicky flavour. Added spices give it a fragrant and citrus zing that makes it perfect to complement Mexican, Indian or East Asian foods. Try with nachos or in a burrito, with a curry or added to noodles.  It's great for spicing up fried eggs or cooked breakfasts.

Comments from the Great Taste judges:

‘A lively zingy heat with citrus notes - very long lasting and quite multi-faceted. The fermentation lingers and keeps delivering on the back of the palate.’

Ingredients: Green Jalapeno, Garlic, Brown Sugar, Rice Vinegar, Sea Salt, Spices.


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