Hot Sauce - a look into our most popular sauces with a kick!

Chilli plants have been a part of human diets since about 7,500 BC. The first type of hot sauce is believed to originate from early inhabitants of Mexico, Central America, and South America as a mixture of chilli peppers and water. Then colonization led to an evolution of hot sauce with the introduction of ingredients from all over the world. Each area of the world started to discover their own signature flavours and recipes. Eventually, hot sauce began to be mass-produced and sold in all corners of the world. 
Enter Sauce Shop to add to the choice of hot sauce enthusiasts. Here we are going to look into a few of our most popular hot sauces including Everyday Chilli Sauce, Sriracha, Buffalo Hot Sauce, Habanero Hot Sauce, and Habanero Ketchup which is our hottest hot sauce. These 5 make up our Hot Sauce Challenge Set which you can get HERE.
Everyday Chilli Sauce is our chilli ketchup with a medium heat that is perfect for everyday use, like the name suggests. This sauce is made using a small number of aged red jalapeno peppers. On the Scoville scale, these peppers sit on the lower end of the scale between 2,500 - 1,000 heat units. On our own heat level, this sauce sits at 3/10.
Our Sriracha is a take on the popular Asian condiment. This sauce is great to put on dishes to give it a needed kick that is not overpowering. It is also made with aged red jalapenos like the Everyday Chilli Sauce, however, the Sriracha sauce has a larger amount of the jalapenos in the bottle. We rate this sauce at a heat level of 5/10.
Taking inspiration from the New York city of Buffalo, where the term Buffalo Wings is said to have originated from, we decided to try our hand at the ultimate sauce for wings. Our Buffalo Hot Sauce is made with love, butter, aged red jalapenos and aged habaneros. On the Scoville scale, the habaneros are rated between 350,000 - 100,000 heat units. We rate the heat level for this sauce at 6/10.
Habanero Hot Sauce takes a large step up our heat scale to 9/10. Made with habanero peppers that have been aged for 3 months to develop complex flavours that will tantalise taste-buds. This hot sauce will add a large dose of flavour and heat to any dish. 

Habanero Ketchup. This is the hottest sauce we have made so far at a heat scale of 10/10. We took our Tomato Ketchup recipe and replaced every tomato with a habanero pepper. With 22 habanero peppers jam-packed into each bottle, we suggest you pour with caution!
We've got a brand new super easy nachos recipe which is UNREAL with any of the above mentioned Hot Sauces - have a read HERE.
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