Want to be part of a rapidly growing and exciting startup?

We have just secured a listing in Sainsbury's and are raising funds through Crowdcube...

We started Sauce Shop in our home kitchen in 2014, selling at the local farmer's market in West Bridgford and quitting our jobs the following year. Since then our hobby has grown into a seriously ambitious brand that is challenging the sauce status quo.



Having just agreed a summer listing with Sainsbury's, we now need to expand our operation to help take the fight for #realsauce to the nation.

We are currently producing at capacity after scaling up from pots, pans and funnels in our home kitchen to our current premises, which houses a 200L boiling pan and semi-automatic filling machine. In order to keep up with increasing demand we now need to go even further.



Sauce Shop is an independent British craft sauce brand on a mission to change the face of the condiment category. There are too many additive-laden condiments made with poor quality ingredients by conglomerates and big brands. Their often bland, one dimensional flavour and starchy texture offends us! Our aim is to challenge and grow the category by bringing truly British craft-quality premium sauces to the mainstream, disrupting consumer thinking into a better place, on our mission for flavour.

There are no craft sauce brands in mainstream grocery that have managed to break through and successfully co-exist between the specialist food market and supermarket shelves. Through innovation, superior quality and an increasingly attractive price point, we are changing this.



With more than 300 stockists over 7 countries, including Ocado, Dobbies, Harrods, Whole Foods, and Harvey Nichols, we are an award-winning craft condiment brand.

Our revenue to date is £300,000 and we're now looking for investment for expansion into a national grocer. E-commerce has also shown huge potential this year and we will focus on growing this to over £100k in revenue alone for 2018.

*2018-2020 figures are forecasts based on current revenue and planned expansion

Our plans will include scaling up production capabilities and taking on more team members, as well as investing in our content, influencer and social media marketing to help drive in-store and online sales.

  • EQUIPMENT 30% - Plant and machinery, increasing production capacity to handle volume forecast to end 2019
  • SALES & MARKETING 30% - PR, events attendance, promotional materials & digital marketing campaigns
  • WORKING CAPITAL 25% - Materials, packaging & stock
  • PEOPLE 15% - Build our operations team


We are seeking total investment of £150,000 in return for 7.9% of the company, this will be crowdfunded from a wide audience of investors, fans, suppliers and customers. Investment starts from as little as £10 and everyone who invests will become a shareholder.

It is our aim that within 5-7 years we will have grown the company to such a size that we can sell it. If we do, all of our investors will get a return, hopefully between 5-10x what is put in at this stage.

We would be massively grateful for investments of any size and delighted to have you involved. Investors will also become part of a group of VIP fans, receiving some really exciting exclusive products that we have planned as well as being kept in the loop at each stage of our expansion.

Please also share this page with anyone you know that might be interested in investing!

If you have any queries please email them to

Investments of this nature carry a risk to your capital, please invest aware.
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