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Special Makhani Curry Cooking Sauce

Beginner's Guide To Simmer Sauces

Everyone loves convenience. It's a fact. Who wouldn't want to cook up a curry or a chilli in 10 minutes? The problem is, the sacrifice for speed is usually flavour.

Traditional cooking sauces have never cut it. The idea? Great. The flavour compromise that comes with them? Not so great. We wanted to change that and that's when our Simmer Sauces were born. All the convenience of your normal jarred cooking sauces, without the flavour compromise.

Read the guide below for more info about the flavours. Ready to pick some up? Shop the whole range here.

Special Makhani Simmer Sauce

The most popular Simmer Sauce in the range, and one of the original 3 that we launched with. Special Makhani is a mild North Indian inspired curry sauce. Awarded a 1-star Great Taste award in 2021, this sauce is rich and creamy. The overriding flavour is tomato, with a fragrant punch of fenugreek. Our favourite use for this is a classic chickpea and paneer curry, but you could also use it to coat chicken or paneer before grilling. 

Spicy Marinara Simmer Sauce

Your go-to spicy pasta sauce... Spicy Marinara is packed with juicy tomatoes, garlic, oregano and red Jalapeño. Spread this onto a ciabatta for DIY pizza subs or mix in with pasta and meatballs. As always with our sauces, it includes no artificial ingredients.

Ranchero Simmer Sauce

The sauce your chilli dishes have been crying out for. Our Ranchero Simmer Sauce is a rich tomato cooking sauce that's bursting with garlic and warming cayenne. Our signature chilli mash (blend of aged chillies) is also in the recipe to bring heat and fruitiness. There's also absolutely no added sugar in the recipe. Use as a chilli con carne base sauce, or use it for enchiladas

Golden Coconut Curry Simmer Sauce

The second curry cooking sauce in the range, meet Golden Coconut Curry. Compared to Special Makhani, it's super creamy and fresh. Expect a smooth and fragrant coconut curry sauce, with turmeric and Kashmiri chilli. Make a banging vegetable or prawn curry with this sauce.

After a quick recipe? Try our Paneer, Mushroom, Spinach Curry.

Smoky Southwest Simmer Sauce

Rich and smoky, this cooking sauce is packed with tomato, smoked paprika and chipotle. Making Mexican-inspired dishes has never been this easy. Make DIY crunch wraps, or use in a chilli. Smoky Southwest could also be used in place of a salsa too, so go ahead and spread on top of nachos.

Mother Tomato Simmer Sauce

The OG pasta sauce you need. Expect lots of juicy tomato, just the right amount of garlic and a familiar hint of oregano. Sometimes, simple is the best. This pasta sauce is super flexible. Stir through cooked pasta, make a pasta bake (like this Chorizo Gnocchi Bake) or use as a no-nonsense pizza base sauce. There's also no added sugar in Mother Tomato, so it works for anyone trying to cut down their sugar intake.

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