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Mother Tomato Pasta Sauce

Beginner's Guide To Cook-In Sauces

Everyone loves convenience. It's a fact. Who wouldn't want to cook up a curry, or a chilli in 10 minutes? The problem is, the sacrifice for speed is usually flavour.

Jarred cooking sauces have always bugged us. Love the idea of them, but hate the flavour compromise that comes with. We wanted to change that. So over a year ago, we started to develop our range of Cook-In Sauces. All the convenience of your normal jarred cooking sauces, just without the flavour compromise.

This is the beginner's guide to our Cook-In Sauce range.

Special Makhani Cook-In Sauce

Special Makhani Cook-In Sauce
The most popular Cook-In Sauce in the range, and one of the original 3 that we launched with. Special Makhani is a mild North Indian inspired curry sauce. Awarded a 1-star Great Taste award in 2021, this sauce is rich and creamy. The overriding flavour is tomato, with a fragrant note from the Methi (fenugreek leaves). This sauce is awesome with chicken, or to coat paneer with. 

Want a recipe for Special Makhani? Click here

Spicy Marinara Cook-In Sauce

Cook-In Sauce - Spicy Marinara
This is one of the newer sauces to enter the Sauce Shop range. Spicy Marinara is pretty hot, with a kick coming from the Jalapenos in the recipe. Alongside the heat, this is a tomato packed sauce with hints of garlic and oregano. Spread this on breads to make the ultimate DIY meatball subs at home.

Ranchero Cook-In Sauce

Ranchero Chilli Cooking Sauce
The sauce your chilli has been crying out for! Ranchero is a rich tomato cooking sauce, that's also packed with garlic and warming cayenne. Our signature chilli mash (blend of aged chilli's) is also in the recipe to bring the heat, and some fruitiness! There's also absolutely no added sugar in the recipe. We can testify to this being the ultimate cooking sauce to pour over enchiladas, or to use up in a Chili con carne.

Ranchero is also another 2021 Great Taste award winning sauce.

Golden Coconut Curry Cook-In Sauce

Golden Coconut Curry Cook-In Sauce
Another one of the newbies! Golden Coconut Curry entered the Cook-In range in early 2022. Creamy and fresh, this pairs perfectly with prawns or fresh veg in a curry. Expect a fragrant, coconutty curry sauce with turmeric and a hint of Kashmiri chilli.

Smoky Southwest Cook-In Sauce

Smoky Southwest Cook-In Sauce
Rich and smoky, this cooking sauce is packed with tomato, smoked paprika and Chipotle. In terms of making DIY crunch wraps, it doesn't get much better (or easier) than this. Smoky Southwest could also be used in place of a salsa too.

Mother Tomato Cook-In Sauce

Mother Tomato Pasta Cooking Sauce

The OG pasta sauce you need. Sometimes, simple is the best. This pasta sauce is super flexible. Stir through cooked pasta, or used as a no-nonsense pizza base sauce. There's also no added sugar in Mother Tomato, so it works for anyone trying to cut down their sugar intake.
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