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5 reasons why you should ditch your favourite mayo

You’ve been missing out…


We all know mayonnaise is synonymous with a couple of household names, so why change what you dip your chips in, dollop on your pizza and slather on a grilled cheese? 

A couple of weeks ago we launched a range of three mayonnaises, and we’re going to make them your new favourites.

As for you mayo haters (whoever you are?!), these might just change your mind.



1. They call it “real”, but it’s not.

Anyone know what Calcium Disodium EDTA tastes like? Nope same here, but it’s in that “real” mayonnaise you always eat. Apparently it ‘maintains flavour’, we’d rather go without.

We like to be honest when we shout about #realsauce. It’s sauce that’s full of real ingredients, simple!



2. Most mayonnaise is full of pointless ingredients.

...Like egg whites. They add nothing to the flavour but simply bulk it out. Pssst… Don’t boast about using whole eggs, you’re just drawing attention to the blandness.

Why add any ingredient that doesn’t improve how something tastes?

Our mayonnaise is made with free range egg yolks only, because they add real richness. No whites, no wasting space in the jar!



3. Poor quality ingredients make poor quality food.

When all plenty of brands really care about is keeping costs down, it’s no surprise most of what’s on the shelf is full of stuff you’ve never heard of.

Craft brands think about everything that goes into their products, right down to the last grain of salt.

All of our mayonnaises are made with flavoursome wine vinegars and our Original Mayo is finished off with British cold-pressed rapeseed oil, everything has a part to play in the final taste.

We use free range egg yolk and premium sea salt, we like to treat you.


4. Yawn… The big boys are trying to bring out exciting new flavours, minus the excitement. 

Independent brands are way more innovative! Our flavoured mayos are spiked with a couple of our bestselling sauces – Sriracha, Chipotle and Garlic Mayo. They make a meal that seemed basic into a show-stopper.

Or take Harry Brand’s Harissa Mayonnaise… Something different that will add a tasty kick to your usual dishes. 



5. I’m not sure that machine has a name, but ours does… It’s James!

Everyone loves a product that is handmade with care by a human, instead of mindlessly churned out on an industrial scale. It’s worth trading up for and you can taste the difference.

Speaking of James, keep an eye on the blog because he'll be using it to impart some brilliant knowledge about sauce, business and food in general!



It’s difficult to break food habits, but we’re on a quest to get more flavour on your plate. You’ll thank us later!



Did you see this Buzzfeed article the other day? At first it looks like total madness… But on second thoughts, maybe poor Christopher just needs to try some of ours?

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