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Our no-nonsense foodie gift guide for Christmas 2022. We've packed this guide with everything from fiery hot sauces, to Christmas sauces, gift packs and sauces for winter BBQs.

Give the gift of flavour!

Festive Foodie gifts

If there’s anything that screams Christmas, it’s festive food. Pigs in blankets, turkey, Christmas pudding, Brussels Sprout Ketchup… we’ve got a full on range of Christmas sauces and seasonings to keep any foodie family member happy on the big day.


Brussels Sprout Ketchup

The most outrageous ketchup is back for its fourth outing. After going viral for the past three years, it’s officially back for Christmas 2022. As seen on This Morning and Sunday Brunch, it's all fun and games until you actually realise it's delicious.

Brussels Sprout Ketchup makes the ultimate partner for roast dinners, or boxing day leftovers. You'll get a hit of brussels sprouts, but that's tamed somewhat by the balance of sharp, sweet and spice.

Know a sprout fan? You've found your stocking filler.

Available here: Brussels Sprout Ketchup

spiced cranberry ketchup

We like tradition. But we like throwing tradition in the bin and making a delicious cranberry ketchup even more. We’ve combined tart cranberries with warming orange zest and a blend of festive spices to make this the ultimate foodie Christmas gift.

You can now freely enjoy ketchup on your Christmas dinner without the dirty looks. Enjoy it!

Available here: Spiced Cranberry Ketchup

Christmas Gifts For Chilli Fans

Know someone who can handle their heat? There are
loads of gifts for chilli fans included in our 3 for 4 offer.

With everything from painfully fiery hot sauces to
milder chilli sauces, you are guaranteed to find a gift they will love.


Habanero Ketchup

One of our 2021 Great Taste Award winners, Habanero Ketchup is by far our hottest sauce. It’s packed with 22 Habanero peppers, meaning it is NOT one for the feint hearted. If you’re looking for a gift for a friend with an addiction to super-hot sauces, this won’t disappoint.

Available here: Habanero Ketchup


Who doesn't love a chilli jam? We partnered with Great British Menu winning chef, James Cochran to launch his Scotch Bonnet Chilli Jam. This is the ultimate gift for chilli fans this Christmas. Made using chargrilled scotch bonnet peppers, it’s hot, smoky, and fruity.

Perfect paired with pizza, on a cheeseboard or as an alternative wing sauce.

Available here: Scotch Bonnet Chilli Jam

4 for 3 CHRISTMAS GIFT sets

Give the gift of flavour...  

Find go-to Sauce Shop Christmas gift sets amongst our 4 for 3 offers. These gifts are fit for any foodie this December.

shop gift sets

Christmas Condiment Duo

Our two favourite things. Christmas and condiments. We’re convinced this is the ultimate festive gift for foodies. Featuring the iconic Brussels Sprout Ketchup and our super festive Spiced Cranberry Ketchup. A leftover sandwich or cheeseboard isn’t complete without them.

Available Here: Christmas Condiment Duo

Hot Sauce Challenge Set

Know someone who loves a challenge?

This challenge set contains some fan favourites from our chilli range and is the ultimate
2022 Christmas gift pack for heat lovers. With sauces ranging from our everyday go-to
Original Hot Sauce, through to the unreasonably hot Habanero Ketchup, this gift
is sure to get their tastebuds tingling!

Available here: Hot Sauce Challenge Set


We are firm believers in BBQing being an all-year-round sport, even at Christmas!

In our 4 for 3 offer you will find a load of sauces to liven up BBQ food, plus 5 BBQ gift sets and collections! Grab a BBQ gift for the foodie in your life who loves to grill.

find BBQ gifts

Original BBQ Sauce

The classic. This is ALWAYS our go-to barbecue sauce. If you know someone who needs to inject some flavour into their cooking, you can’t go far wrong with this BBQ sauce. It’s smoky, sweet and with a hit of black pepper heat. It features in a load of our gift packs, but you can also grab it as an individual bottle for a quick foodie stocking filler.

Available here: Original BBQ Sauce

Honey Chipotle BBQ Sauce

This is the sweet and sticky barbecue sauce of your dreams. Made with lots of honey, tomatoes and with a subtle smoky Chipotle kick, this is perfect for glazing meat, or serving as a dipping sauce. As one of ouir best selling sauces in 2022, it's the perfect stocking filler!

Available here: Honey Chipotle BBQ Sauce

All-Purpose BBQ Set

The festive BBQ gift set of dreams. It’s probably in some foodies’ dreams anyway. We’ve packed a Sauce Shop gift box with 5 of our favourite BBQ flavours. From low and slow, to flame-gilled, BBQ is by far our favourite cooking style.

Available here: All-Purpose BBQ Set

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